awe movie review

The first attempt made by Nani, who has been getting super successes as a hero! Prasad Verma is directing the film with Kajal, Regina, Esha Rebab and Nithya Menon starring in the movie. Avasarala Srinivas, Priyadarshini and Murali Sharma are the ones who will be seen in this review.


This story is a story telling. This is the story of the director pointed out to me in the world that I am the world in the poster. Each character in this story fights for life. They want to exit from their troubles and desires. Especially the lead characters all have come to a halt. Movie story.

Actors’ talent:

All the artists in the cinema are perfect in their role. To everyone It’s a new attempt. The film is slightly different from this movie. Kajal, Regina, and Nithya’s performance is good for everyone. Esha, Neela, Priyadarshini and others have done well. Nani and Ravi Teja Voice Over will also be a plus for the film.

Technology Performance:

Cinematography is good. It is very important for such films. Music is no longer fun. It would have been better if it was more. Editing Perfect. The direction is good. The director made a trio for all new flavors. Nani architectural values ​​are good.


Let’s build a movie .. rather than the idea of ​​earning money .. Nani ah as a hobby producer The audience came forward. The film is going to be a new experiment as it has been said before. Apart from being a regular commercial film, the movie is going to be a new trend.

Routine Mas Masala, Love Storys Let’s say the movie. Pieces that the director’s revelations in each case make the Sir Prize to the Audience. The mood for the film is set to be pre-set and the titles are pulled from the end to the end card.

Unlike regular commercial films, this is a great effort. That’s why Nani has said so for the film. After watching the movie, we do not have the same feeling. We hope to have such films in Telugu.

Plus points:





Lead casting

Voice over Ravi Teja and Nani

Minus Points:

Missing routine commercial elements

Bottom line:

Really nani ah! Doing so ..

INS Rating: 3.5