Boy helped cops trace mother’s address

DCP Anasuya’s interaction with Jatin led police to grandmother’s village

No one knows better than a woman or a mother about reassuring a child struck with a tragedy. And it was woman police officer of Cyberabad police who did exactly that to learn from which part of the country did the murdered pregnant woman hail from.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Administration) C. Anasuya was heading one of the several special teams investigating into the gory killing.

As everyone was struggling to identify the woman, she started her bit by reassuring seven-year-old Jatin, son of the murder victim (eventually identified as Bingee).

“I was interacting with him for more than eight hours with frequent breaks and trying to talk with the boy who was already looking scared,” Ms Anasuya said.

Talking to The Hindu, the top official said while little Jatin was busy playing with toys and other indoor games at Vishwas Centre in Kondapur, she was asking him details about his mother, family and their village.

“During the course of interaction he told me that Mohana Malti is his grandmother’s native village and they used to stay there till recently, before moving to Hyderabad,” she said.

Based on that information, a team was sent to Mohana Malti to trace out Bingle’s family and who later informed them about her death.

The boy told Ms. Anasuya that they (Jatin and Bingee) were not allowed to come out of the house and Mamatha frequently used to thrash them.

“The accused informed Jatin that his mother is not well and is being shifted to hospital,” she said, adding that the boy still thinks that his mother is undergoing treatment in the hospital.