casting couch is common in film industry

We have seen the heroines and heroes who are looking for chains in the film industry so far. We are seeing the harassment of heroes from the producers. But now the trend has become for the girls in the movie Chans, if you give Chans I will come to the bedroom some actresses say

Many of the actresses have recently revealed such bitter experiences that have occurred in decades ago. Some of the sensational allegations have also been made on the Telugu film industry.

We have seen a lot of heroines who have announced that they have faced harassment from producers in the film industry. There are so many people who say they have come to a hero bedroom without telling the names of the people and that they have faced sexual harassment from the producers.

If their comments were made by prominent producer Ekta Kapoor in an interview, She is a prominent producer in Bollywood, and that’s what some heroines are doing to make her sexy favorite! Ekta says that the heroine will bring this proposal.

Ekta says that some actresses will say, ‘If you give me a chance in the film, I’m ready to come to bedroom.’ Producers, directors, heroes .. Many such people will come up with Ekta Kapoor.

Ekta commentary has become a sensation in the midst of the impression that the casting coach is accused of sexual harassment in the industry, Ekta also said that every time in these cases, women are not the victims of being heroes. Thammed Reddy Bharadwaj also made similar comments.