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It is known that the lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the earth, and the moon in the same straight line.

While the sun and the earth are always in the same way, the moon revolves around 5 degrees to this path. This occurs when the moon and the moon come to Earth in the lunar eclipse. If the earth masks the shadow of the moon, it is called semi-comprehensible if full of sensory perception and covers part of it.

According to the Hindu tradition, Indian astrology, the Panchagas, the precautions to be taken during the formation of asteroids, reveals that no matter what impact the impact of them will have on them. Let’s see what Indian astrologers say about the full moonlight and tomorrow in many countries around the world.

The full moon lunar eclipse occurs in the Caucasus and the simhalagana in the evening of 5:18 and 8:41 pm at the Mercury tomorrow in the Puma and Ashish stars on the 31st of this Wednesday. Saw. Eclipse at night, at night at 6:22. 7:38 and then the next step. Total comprehension time is 3 hours 23 minutes. This eclipse appears in areas such as India, Asia, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Astrologers have suggested that the two ecosystems would have an impact on the puree, asthma, and ultraviolet because this eclipse was formed in Karnataka and the naphtha vision from the zodiac is on Makar. The ecosystem gives them a wealth of wealth, money, maşam, karakaka and Simha rasalu, that the fruits of the Vrishchima, Makar, Meena, and Mindanao will be blessed with the blessings of the Virgin, Tula, Kumbha, and Taurashabha.

In case of the lunar arrangements, especially pregnant women cannot be seen live. It is unlikely that ‘lie down without’. Do all the work at home. It is better not to take almost any food during comprehension. Even then the astrologers say that it is better to eat freshly cooked. Since foodstuffs that are stored during comprehension have a vicious nature, they are advised to eat and drink after the end of the eclipse.

Most scientific methods, those who want to follow the Hindu tradition, may have been meditating after the eclipse, during the eclipse, before the eclipse. It is necessary to clean the house after completing the eclipse. Clean the idols of God. Those who have a tradition of swelling should change it. At the outset, scholars say that if the pumpkins and coconut gourds made for the scratch before business firms and replace them with new ones, they will get good results from comprehension.