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The Indian board has now reached the level of the Board of Control in the world .and Sachin Tendulkar is the name of the Indian cricket team. He is also known as the Cricket Goddard. Currently the Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli also receives praise from the batsman in the world.

At present India is in the South Africa series. The two teams are preparing for the second T20 match against India in the upcoming World Cup. After the Test series, the team changed the gear.

South Africa won the six ODI series 5-1 with a terrific performance. In the short format of the match, the second match of the same match was announced on the second T20. Coming to a winning streak with another competing game, The Kohli army, which looks strong in all the sectors, must see how the opponent stands.

On the other hand, safaris are in a position to stand up to the Chao Rao. Even when playing on their own soil, their difficulties are distorted. If the protests are overwhelming in the match, the series is intentionally damaging to the top order expectations in this position and wants to take the fight to the final match.

After winning the tri-series in the Third Test, the Indian team, who have played seven matches in the past, have just beaten once. This is what the Kohli Sena play has. India will play against South Africa in the second T20 World Cup on Wednesday.

While already in the lead with 1-0, they will be able to win three T20s on their own account. If the 3rd out of this series will be cleaned up, India will reach No. 2 in the 20th rank. On the other hand, enormous failure is suffering the problem.

India’s confidence in the first match was done with confidence. Rohit and Dhawan were on the power play as fast as they did. Unbeaten on the runway, Raina has played international cricket and has had a very good touch. This time he can come in the same place. But there is no expectation from the middle order.

Dhoni and Manish Pandey did not see the speed of chances of playing for the first time in the first match. Dhoni is unable to swish the bat as he comes home. Pandey hit 29 from 27 balls and the score was not in the end. Pandya was disappointed. India is in full confidence in bowling. Pacer Bhubaneswar is the main backyard and is playing the team. Kuldip can be taken into the squad as a spinner, except for Unadakat.

Losers are more pressured by South Africa in the absence of star players like DuPlesis and De Villiers. It is difficult to get safaris over the team that appears to be hostile. In the first match, except Hendrix, opener failed.

With the De Villiers not replacing the alternate player in place, the captain has been forced to adapt to the players with the available players. Their strategy of frightening the short balls into powerplay failed. In this match, the pitch needs to get more bounce with the same strategy. Patterson replaced the spinner Fangio.

There is no clarity on captain Virat Kohli’s play in the second T20. He suffered from the episode when he was fielding in the first Tea 20. He struggled to take the ball off the ground. As a precaution, there was a rest in the dugout.

But Team Management says that it is not as bad. It will be clear on Wednesday morning. However, if the rest of the series has been restricted to him, it is possible that Rahul will be in the squad.

The match between India and South Africa will begin at 4:30 pm today.