Girls wearing lipstick, short dress are asking for rape ..

A professor who teaches biology at Raipurpur Central University about controversies to women in society has now made a controversial comment.

The teacher, Shankar, who teaches here, is conducting a counseling session for students, jeans and lipstick, warns that such incidents will take place.

If we wear clothes to show the beauty, we are invited to rape. When wearing shirt and clothes, we can get out of the way to get out of fear. Why did she feel that the girls were getting too shy and why she was out of the night, why did she get out of the house and why she did such things?

He made a mistake in his intention and said, “It is not wrong for the boys to go outside late at night. Therapists said that the boys feel guilty for the sins committed by the girl, and the boy who owns the body to show her body anyway. Snehalatha has concluded that girls without beautiful faces can show their body out. Nowadays, girls are going to like that, “she said. The case was registered when the parents of the parents complained to the police.