happy birthday to k.vishwanath

Vishwanath Garu is the director and artist of the film. He has seen many great films as a creative director.

Such a persistent accomplice is Kashinath Vishwanath. To have artistic pictures should be a heartbeat. The hobby must be identified by the producer who tries to recognize the tone. The luckiest of these two is Kalaupaswamy K. Vishwanath.

Vishwanath is not only artistic paintings. Saradha, the time has come, the veteran Kapoor, Ramamma Blob Peddata, Mungaliya, another raw theory, Aadhabhandhadu and Swapakrishi. The films which have a progressive perspective, such as self-esteem, crime-punishment, a sequel story, Sitamala Lakshmi and Shubhodhya.

Vishwanath cinema is a great honor for people in the country. He does not have the idea of making a film that he has done something wrong. That life should be given life and life. It should be done for generations. K. Vishwanadh has done the job and thanked his life.

Literature, music and dance These three art fairy tales are Kalaattapusivu Kashinathu Viswanath Kaminiya visual arts. Every film he has taken is artistic. The art of romance. Today is the birthday of the art director.