porika harikanth phd scholar

porika harikanth phd scholar from telanagana

Telangana is the successor who has done research on the grapes grown only in special weather conditions.

Australia has been experimenting with grape cultivation and has succeeded in reducing the Australasian type of climate to the weather conditions and increasing the yields of all the others. Jayasankar Bhupalapalli district.

Jayasankar Bhupalapalli District Moolam Zone Annamampalli Contributed to Harikant Nayak. Doctorate at Coimbatore University on agriculture. BSc at BNC at Hyderabad Agricultural University, Hari was selected by senior Fellow of Emmus at Coimbatore Agricultural University. Currently he is doing PhD in ICAR in Bangalore. Apart from Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have gained appreciation for the grapes.

Attempt is this:

Redglobe type in grape extends in Australia. The agriculture department considers the grapes to be cultivated in India if it is bold and good in color. Coimbatore weather has been found to be suitable for its cultivation. The task of developing this kind of crops was handed over to the agricultural university.

However, there was the emissary who was doing Harmant Nayak. He took some land in the university and took up the cultivation of the seeds. Nayak successfully cultivated Australian type of grapes in a unique proprietary manner by providing red soil and water and moist climatic conditions.

Redglobe is larger in shape than our grapes. The water is low. Weighing too much weight. It will not last long enough. Only once a year in this type of Australasia is grown twice in our country. The grapes of Australian varieties have good demand abroad. The price of this grape is Rs 350 per kilo. Farmers receive income up to 150 per kilo. Harikant Nayak said that if acreage can be grown as per the demand of Rs 15 lakh.

Awards – Honors:

The Israeli government has invited the nation of Israel to produce high-yielding Nayak in the climate of Redglobe in the Indian climate. He studied the high yields of greenhouse, deworming, and full mechanization methods in the desert area of ​​Israel.

The Tamil Nadu government recognizes the work of Nayak in the agriculture field and honored Harikat with the Best Research Award.

While the Andhra Pradesh government has been nominated for the Young Scientist Award, Father of Green Revaluation Mrs. Nayak has received the award from Swaminathan’s hands.

Many senior scientists, including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh ministers and government chiefs, visited the vineyard that had grown in Harringham and saw the grapes clogged.