‘Kalakalappu 2’ review: Comedy of errors

There are a few laughs, but Kalakalappu 2 comes nowhere near the comical heights that the first part achieved

There were many things to savour in Kalakalappu, which released in 2012. The comedy of errors worked big-time, with an assortment of comedians – including the likes of Santhanam – contributing to a rib-tickling film that we can mindlessly watch, and re-watch, whenever it plays on television.

Director Sundar C tries to achieve the same with the next part. He casts Jai as Raghu, who’s in search of his ancestral property in Kasi. He casts Jiiva as Seenu, a mansion owner in Kasi who doesn’t mind lying to get customers. On the other hand, there’s a politician whose secret-filled laptop has been swindled away by his auditor, who takes off to Kasi and tries to blackmail him. And then, there’s the track of Shiva, who enters in the second half to add flavour to the already-confused storyline.

Kalakalappu 2 certainly looks much richer than the original. The colours are brighter (cinematographer Senthil Kumar makes Kasi and its buildings look exotic) and the heroines are perkier (Catherine Tresa and Nikki Galrani).