Lady Committed Suicide in Bus

The Bus which was Travelling from Bhadrachalam to Vijayawada a lady has Committed Suicide in it 
It was reported that a young woman was traveling in the Bhadrachalam bus has Consumed the poison of Ants, When the bus arrived at Banamaru, The fellow Passengers Noticed that white Foam was Comming out of the Mouth of that young lady, By seeing that they Informed the Condition to Driver and Conductor, Due to this Incident

They have Diverted the Position of Bus Towards the hospital, In which she was Declared as Dead by the Doctors.By Identifying her Identity the Cops have informed that the Lady was from Vijayawada and her Name was Lavanya.

Anyhow the Cops have Informed this thing to her Family Members,The information also came that the girl marriage praposals was also in search,And on her hand it was Written ‘Miss u Daddy’ Based on this Incident Cops have Field the case and the Investigation is going on, And stated that the Full Information has to be get for this Incident the Cops Said.