Light, sound and luxury at the new Palladium mall

Say hello to Coach, Tumi and Michael Kors at the South’s first Palladium mall. Plus, launch-day attractions that include light sculptor Patrick Rimoux’s video ceiling and Shilpa Gupta’s shadow wall

When it comes to luxury malls in India, we’ve had a triumvirate till now: DLF Emporio (Delhi), Palladium (Mumbai) and UB City (Bengaluru). Things are looking up in 2018, however, with the newly-opened DLF Chanakya in the capital, and Palladium, the luxe brand from Phoenix Mills Ltd, officially opening its doors in Velachery on February 17. It is a big deal for Chennai, of course. With 75 stores spread across three levels, the mall boasts brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and luggage makers Tumi. But that’s not all, insists Rashmi Sen, Group Director – Retail, Phoenix Mills Ltd.

“A luxury shopping destination has to go beyond just high-end brands; it’s an experience that has to touch all the senses,” she says. And design plays a key role in this: the façade of the 2.15 lakh sq ft retail space is inspired by the tufting of the Chanel handbag; the dome in the lobby, with its video projections, is a nod to the Sistine Chapel; and the glass cladding on the ceilings is inspired by the Sheesh Mahal. Look closely, you will even find the sleek lines of the iPhone in how the various services have been incorporated into the space, says Vijay Choraria, joint venture partner, Palladium.