bjp mp says sridevi murdered

bjp mp says sridevi murdered


Bollywood actress Sridevi has died for four days. Suicide is not a clarity. The Dubai Police are investigating Bonnie Kapoor.

The BJP MP, Subramanian Swamy, was accused of murdering Sri Devi. Subramanian Swamy requested the media to ask who was drinking alcohol for him, said Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday.

Subramaniam Swamy allegedly made sensational allegations against Sridevi. The Subramanian Swamy demanded that anybody go to the room before Sridevi’s death. Subramaniam questioned how the liquor came into the body of Sridevi. Subramaniam questioned why the CCTV was not given in the hotel room. Subramanian Swamy said that Sridevi did not have the habit of drinking.

Subramanian Swamy demanded that he be inquired about the relationships with Dawood Ibrahim. Subramanian Swamy demanded that anyone should go to her room before Sridevi’s death. Subramanian Swamy asked why the CCTV TV did not offer. The Subramanian Swamy demanded that the court be asked whether to drink alcohol.

Subramanian Swamy alleged that he was murdered by Sridevi. On the other hand, he demanded the release of relationships with Dawood Ibrahim for film stars. Subramaniam Swamy’s allegations go to see how much to lead ..