ram gopal varma tweet viral for tv9

The TV 9 is known as a giant channel in Telugu languages, but it is widely believed that the image of the programs that the channel is doing will increase.

Now Verma is also consumed on TV 9. His controversial ‘God Sex and Truth’ (GST) has been the subject of a lot of controversy. Social activist Devi complained to the police that she had spoken to women in an interview as part of the film’s promotion.

Yesterday, the CGS police had heard the vigilance of the CBS police on Saturday. The Hyderabad police had razed the questions on the obscene comments made against the women’s association leaders. Ramgopal Verma was blamed on the allegations.

Controversial director Rangopal Verma expressed his displeasure over the news coming in the media following the inquiry by the Hyderabad police. He said he shared in film production. Asked how he wrote that he had given technical support to the film.

To this end, Verma posted the story of an English magazine putting a post on his Twitter account. He also reacted strongly to TV 9 on his style. Tv9 posted a circus joker channel in his account Varma.