A typical, varied movie ‘A’! Until now, this movie is not an exaggeration.

The concept is very new. Some say that it is good too. Some people do not understand the same thing. This effect is thought to be a hit on film collections. But at the box office, ‘A!’ Rammed.

In the first three days ‘a!’ The movie has grossed over Rs 9.4 crore of gross worldwide. The shareholders’ share is Rs.4.5 crores. In the three days of Andhra and Nizam, Rs.2.5 crore has been collected. Rs 35 lakh in Karnataka and Rs 15 lakh in other areas. And at the box office of America Stronger. On February 15, along with Premier Shows, Rs. 1.5 crore was collected in three days.

The Nirvana Cinemas, which owns theatrical rights in theaters in the US, has also announced that the theaters are increasing. Tweet to this extent. That means the gross collection of US is likely to increase. At the moment, the US has crossed $ 5 lakh (about Rs.3.22 crore). Nirvana has revealed that the objective of the project is $ 10 million (approx Rs 6.44 crore).