Former Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari is remembered by us all.

Because Tiwari, who worked as a governor of Joint 2007 to Joint Andhra Pradesh, was reported to have played with many young girls in Rajapur. At that time, the news spread across the country. Responding to this, the UPA government initiated losses and avoided him. Not only this but also a young man, who was the son of Tiwari, went to the Supreme Court stairs.

In the news, he got into another news. He was seriously admitted to the hospital. The doctors said he was in a hospital for healing and that his condition was worse and could last for another 72 hours. He was admitted to the Maxpupar Specialty Hospital in Delhi on Monday and was shifted to ICU after suffering blood pressure.

Doctors say they can not reveal anything about 48 to 72 hours for the Tiwari health condition in the ICU. Doctors say that the afternoon was infected with the fever infection and that immediately blood pressure fell down. Neurology expert Mukherjee and Cardiology expert Sumit Sethi have announced that the hospital management is providing medical services to Tiwari.