Priyadarshi marraige date is fix

Priyadarshin definition is that anyone who has a talent in Tollywood can be famous. In the meantime, Priyadarshi appears on the list of the most populist as a young comedian.

He has been given special recognition for his short comedy with his short comedy, and he is chatting with young heroes. The character is smashing the claps while laughing with any smile.

He will be married to Priyadarshini soon after the wedding. He will be married to his childhood friend Richa on August 23 at Cantonment Area in Agra. A reception is being held at Nareen Gardens in Hyderabad on the 26th of this month.

Only a few celebrities in Tollywood are attending the wedding. All the others will be present for the reception. In Tollywood, another guy is going to be a good boy to Bhaskar Life.