rachayitha movie review

Vidyasagar Raja is the director of the film directed by Swayamvar directed by Kalyan Dhoolipullah. The film is being produced by the film ‘The Writer’, complete with poster production programs including Censor. The audience came forward to release today. Let’s see how this movie is!

The author is the author of a quiet place to express his feelings to the hero and read the novels there. The novel is recognized as a good writer by the novels. The story is written by his novels, all of which are characterized by his role in the real life.

In the story of the original story, the hero means education Sagar likes a girl in the eye of the eyes. That is the girl Padmavati .padmavati ie heiroin But the thing is what the husband is already married to the husband and dies. But the hero does not know the girl talking to them in the house and takes them to the place where the novels are written. There was something to happen … Padmavathi will change her husband? How do you react?

Heroine Vidyasagar in the role of the writer is very well. Sukita plays a role in Padmavathi, with his acting and beauty, impressed by the audience. Heavika also rendered in the role of a reporter in his style.

Plus points:

Karunakar Dialogues

The hero dialogue says,

Heroine beauty, acting,

Ice romantic character

Graphics, photo graphics,



Minus Points:

First half is a little slow approach.

All in all, it’s a nice movie.

INS: Rating: 3.5 / 5