going to rajya sabha

The list of the Aaswaahah has a lot of seats to get the seat of the ruling party in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections in two Telugu states. 3 in AP and 3 in Rajya Sabha elections in Telangana. In Telangana, three seats are in power.

TRS had won 63 seats in the last election and the TRS has 88 seats, combined with jumping MLAs from other parties in the wake of the surge in operation. The TRSVEV has three Rajya Sabha seats.

There is a lot to see if they are competing in the TRS for these three seats. However, it seems that the choice of candidates for the Raja Sabha seat of KSRC, In the wake of the next election, he will allocate these three seats to three sides and give them a shock to the opponents.

There are some candidates already in KCR, and it seems that he has come to a decision on the basis of the candidates. The three seats are allocated to KCR three categories. If the castes and factions are balanced then the party will have a much better plan for the party in the next election.

KCR already said that the GSLA or Kuramma caste belonging to the BSc community community would be assigned a Rajya Sabha seat. The list includes former MLAs Jaipal Yadav, Nomula Narasimha along with Rajya Yadav and Murli Yadav.

In the OC caste, the Home Minister will send Naini to Rajya Sabha. KKR’s nearest relative Joganpalli Santrerova is now coming to the new screen. He has been accompanied by KCR since his movement. Third, Dalits or minorities are likely to be allocated.

In the background of the SC classification movement in Telangana, we are likely to give preference to the middle class community. Apart from the Deputy Prime Minister Mahmood Ali from the ruling party in Telangana, there is no MP from here on that party. In the aftermath of the next election, the Congress is trying to screw the minority votes.

There is also a campaign for the minorities to have the Rajya Sabha seat chances. Most of the three Rajya Sabha seats have already begun efforts.