Telangana State Government to Launch 100 Electrical Buses in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad very soon the Electric Buses will bin the moving on Road.
In order to Reduce Pollution in the City, Initially the GHMC Will be using 300 Small Vehicles.
And by the TSRTC 100 Buses will be on Road very soon , Telangana Government as appriciated this change in the city which will reduce the Existing pollution the City.


As if all go well as planned we can find the Buses with in a month time on the Roads, The Govt is planning is Release its E Policy very soon, It is given that the Government has have Green Signal to buy 40 Buses, The buses will Run between Hyderabad and Shamshabad as presently there are Limited charging points in the City, In which only 10 are Installed at the Shamshabad Airport , Accordingly the changes will be made further if there is any Increase in the Charging Points, Metro stations and few at the Bus Depot will be Installed very soon ,So that the Travellers can Easily Utilise these Facility,

Telangana State Government

As of now the Cost of Each bus is around 2.5 Crore in that the Central Govt has agreed to give 50% of the Amount to the State government to reduce the pollution in the State , And Private Vehicles should also be converted to Electric System the Government is Thinking, Who ever comes and join as per the Guidelines they will be Appriciated by the State Government.