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Pawan, who has been meeting with leaders and former officials of various political parties, said that they would fight on the path of divorce law and guarantee on the basis of all the party’s interests. Pawan’s style is now over Some followed the opinion of the leaders of the political arms to reveal.

The BJP national spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said that they do not believe in the JNCI, which was formed by Janasana Party chief Pawan Kalyan to show the truth about the funds provided by the Central Government on this (JFC)

(BJP TDP) said that both the parties should be coordinated and united, except that the mudflow is not a good one and the party is in power at the center. Today he said in Delhi, “Political parties in AP are looking to use special status as a political apparatus.

He said that when the Congress party was in power, he had criticized the AP’s voice and said that he had not been able to invest in equity in AP and Telangana when the TDP and Congress were in power in the former Andhra Pradesh. He said that the Andhra Pradesh people had to be extensively in Hyderabad, not only in Hyderabad but also in all areas. He also demanded that the markets be made