win tdp in 2019 elections with help of bjp leaders

It is difficult to say that any party in the present situation will win in the general elections coming.

In AP, there is no way to say that the BJP is the one who is not the one who knows exactly what the BJP is. If this does not go along with the TDP, the BJP is in distress.

The BJP and TDP have played a part in the formation of the government. Now the BJP leaders have been criticized by Chandrababu. So Mulli Chandrababu thinks the BJP is thinking of giving them a ticket.

This is the first MLM in the BJP leaders list. Chandra Babu’s kindly MLA, Veerraju, has been saying that he has been willing to abandon the law and order completely.

Kavoor, who was the minister of ministers in the previous government, did not come to Chandra Babu’s life like the Koodiyattam and Purandeswari. Now they have been given political rehabilitation by the BJP. They knew that the party would not come back to the end of life if that party.

The Congress has given the state after the election, if the TDP is in power, the Congress has become grounded. All that is above the advice given to the Congress is now in the BJP. The Telugu Desam is working in Telangana, where we get more seats with Jagan here, even here, the Telugu Desam is going to die.

Central Plans say that Chandrababu is calling on his name. Now the opposition to the BJP in Andhra Pradesh does not know the BJP high command. They are advised to go to the BJP’s VCP and destroy it so that it is good.

If this happens, the AP people think that they are trying to make TDP in a huge majority in the general election in 2019 and once again try to put on the seat of the CM Chandra Babu.